We love the chase that poker brings to the gambling experience. Are you the predator, the pray, or a mix of both? There’s one way to find out: you have to go to the tables. We want more players to actually play poker, not just watch WSOP reruns over and over. There are a lot of things that you can learn about poker from watching tournaments, but we dare say that nothing beats real time play, especially real money play. We started playing over at Casino X, and we love the field of players there. You don’t just have easy targets, as some of the competition was really gunning for our chips in a skillful way.


But if you’re a seasoned player, you might start wondering if there are any signs that you should be moving up in stakes. Just playing basic tiny stakes poker can be fun, but after a while you might want more challenge.

Here are some fast signs to look for when it’s time to move up.

1. The Calculators Reflect the Move

Like many things in poker, knowing when to move up can be boiled down into a few calculators. You can go online and look one up to do the calculations for you, something that we recommend. You’ll need to know how much you actually have to spend on your bankroll before you get accurate numbers, however.  Just keep that in mind.

2. You’re crushing the game at your current limit

Are you dominating the games that you play at a lower level? Then it’s time to move up. But if you’re not playing a lot of hands consistently over time, it’s time to go back down. It’s okay to move through limits back and forth until you get comfortable. No one is going to out you as an imposter or take away your poker playing privileges. Do what’s best for you!

3. You are getting bored

Are you getting bored with quarter raises and dollar pushes? It’s time to get into a higher stakes game where you really feel like you’re on the edge of your seat. Not everyone will be able to play the really big stakes, but you may be able to move up to stakes that give you the sense of risk that you want. Everyone is different, so we recommend looking at the stakes for yourself, and then making the decision. A calculator can’t replace your gut instincts and your realistic bankroll amount.

Overall, we think that playing at Casino X will give you a nice grouping of players, but of course you have to see it for yourself. Don’t think that you’re always going to be swimming with the sharks, of course: there are a lot of really friendly players that wouldn’t mind helping you refine your game!

By Karl