Venturing into cash games online can be challenging for beginners. You want to compete and win but without fundamentals, you can seem over matched can’t you? Don’t worry, in this post we have some basic tips to help you battle against the micro stakes cash games players online.

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Play Your Suited Connectors

Hands that are of the same suit and in sequential order e.g. six seven of hearts, are known as suited connectors. These hands can be big money makers in cash games. Unlike tournaments, where you are often playing 40 big blinds or less, cash games are always deeper stacked with players sitting with 100bbs or more. Hands like suited connectors go up in value as they make deceptively strong hands like straights, flushes and even three of a kind. Therefore, we urge beginners to stay involved and try to take flops with these hands as they can crack opponents at the best online casino Malaysia, UK or anywhere for that matter.

Slow Down on the Turn

The turn card is where the hand is drawing the conclusion. There’s only one card left and you need to choose whether your hand is best or if you have the right price to continue. You may also be considering a bluff. Whatever your situation, slow down your decision making on the turn as the pot is often bigger so any bets are larger and therefore can be more costly. If you’re facing a big bet and you’re holding onto a weak hand or questionable draw, it’s best to get out of the way a lot of the time.

Defend Your Big Blind

These days, the common open raise is between 2.1 and 2.5 big blinds. These small raises make it profitable for players to play a wider range of hands. However, the by-product of this should be the big blind defending widely too. It makes sense, right? You’re only needing to call 1.1 to 1.5 big blinds more so you need to be calling more often. When you have such a great price, don’t be afraid to play more speculative hands like king nine or ace three as you are getting good direct odds and need to show opponents you won’t give up your blinds all session too.

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By Karl