These Low-Limit Hold’Em Poker notes are based on a melding of concepts and various data found in currently popular books, articles and websites. These notes are tailored for solid, tight-aggressive play.

Compared to No-Limit Hold’Em the following cliché is apropos:

“Playing Limit Hold’Em is a science; playing No-Limit Hold’Em is an art”

Betting strategies pertain specifically to low-limit money games with nine or ten players. Low-limit here is defined as Texas Hold’Em limit games less than $10/$20 (maybe even including some $10/$20 games). Strategies for higher limit games will vary due to tighter/tougher games, higher stakes and advanced/aggressive opponents.

Poker Note

During pre-flop play it is important to enter the betting with good starting hands – according to position and tightness / looseness of the game – and betting them accordingly. However, along with playing good starting hands, mastering the analytical aspect of post-flop play determines whether one wins or loses consistently.

The most important post-flop decisions to be made on betting or staying with your hand will usually occur immediately after seeing the flop. Of prime importance is the decision of staying with your hand to see the turn or folding. Consistently staying with weak or marginal hands at this stage of the deal will cost you a lot of money over the long run due to “leakage”.

“Reading” opponent’s hands, determining “outs” and odds for hitting an out, making betting decisions based on favorable/unfavorable pot odds, how to effectively bet in specific situations (checking, betting out, calling, semi-bluffing, raising, reraising, check raising, when to fold, etc.) are required skills to become a successful player.

By Karl