Welcome to the beginners pages of our strategy section. Although the following pages are geared more toward those of you who don’t have much online poker experience, intermediate and expert players might find useful information here as well. That’s because we aim to cover a lot of ground here-from the basic poker terminology to the host of payment methods that online casinos accept. Check out the following links to broaden your understanding of “spoken poker,” to read about the most important skills for players to develop, and to investigate the financial side of things with our background info about online payment.

Poker Jive – Click here to get an overview of the most common poker words and expressions. Poker is a game that truly does have its own language, and the first step is to make sure you’re fluent.

Thinking Like a Poker Player – Now we can get started on some real poker strategy. On this page, you’ll learn about poker’s FOUR MAIN SKILLS. Without these, you may as well give your money away.

Poker Strategy

Bankrolling – How much should you invest in a game of poker? It depends what your goals are, of course. Click here for a guide on how much to put down when you take a seat at that table.

That First Hand – You’ve done some background research. You’ve decided how much to spend. Now it’s time to look at your cards. Click on this link for how to gauge the hand you’ve been dealt.

Pot Odds – Poker requires some basic logical thought to make a profit in the long run. Pot odds are one of the most important features of this logical thinking, so you’d better understand them.

The Art of Deception – You’ve heard of a poker face, but you still haven’t found out how to make it work for you. Click here for an introduction to the most common forms of poker deception.

Going on Tilt – Going on tilt means something like “losing your composure.” It’s that extremely negative and, unfortunately, inevitable feeling you get when you lose a lot of money at the poker table. What many people don’t realize, however, is that going on tilt will only make you lose MORE money. Click here for some tips on keeping your cool and, more importantly, keeping your money.

Playing at Home vs. Playing Online – You love playing poker with your pals on Friday night. And you’re pretty good at it too. Now you’d like to test the waters at an online casino. Follow this link for some important differences between standard poker and online poker.

Money Matters – The Internet is full of online casinos, and they’ve become so popular that you can pay in a wide variety of ways. While credit cards might seem logical to the poker beginner, you’ll be surprised to find that there are much smarter ways of doing business online.

By Karl