Welcome to the “intermediates” pages of our strategy section. Hopefully, if you’re beginner, you’ve checked out all of our “beginners” pages here and would like to keep improving your knowledge of online poker. If you’re an intermediate player, meanwhile, this section exists to help you get a better understanding of a number of specific poker themes. Finally, even if you’re an expert at poker with lots of experience under your belt, you might still find something you like in the information that follows. No player is perfect; everyone has weaknesses. Maybe we can help you improve on those weaknesses.

Unlike our section for beginners, this section addresses specific games, situations and opportunities, with an additional chapter on money management and self-control. Click on the following links for useful strategy hints that will broaden your understanding of the world’s best card game.

Online-Poker Strategy

Shorthand Limit Texas Hold’em – Get the specifics on small games of limit Hold’em.

Longhand Limit Texas Hold’em – Useful info for playing limit Hold’em in a bigger group of players.

No-Limit Texas Hold’em – For those of you who want to ditch the limits and go straight for the big money.

Improving Your Shorthand Game – Click here for insider tips on playing in a competitive shorthand environment.

Improving Your No-Limit Game – No-limit poker changes the stakes in a number of ways. Be sure you know what to expect.

Introduction to Omaha – After their initial introduction to Texas Hold’em, most new poker players begin to get curious about what else there is. Omaha certainly fits the bill. A simple introduction to one of Texas Hold’em’s most popular sisters.

Low-Limit Omaha Hold’em – A page devoted to strategy during a game of low-limit Omaha Hold’em.

Introduction to Tournaments – Poker tournaments are among the most exciting and lucrative offers you’ll find on the Internet. Before you sign up, take at look at our background information.

Single-Table No-Limit Tournaments – Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the background info, see which kind of tournament is best for you. This page is a guide for smaller tournaments with no limits in sight.

Multi-Table No-Limit Tournaments – Click here for some pointers on “the big ones”: those multi-table poker tournaments where the pots get pretty big pretty fast.

Multi-Table Limit Tournaments – An introduction to limit poker in a tournament set-up.

Money Management and Self-Control – Just because you have some poker experience doesn’t make you immune from two very important concerns: managing your money, and managing yourself. This section address both questions.

By Karl