Table selection is vital to your poker success. If you sit down at the wrong table you’ll drain your stack, if you select the right table, your bankroll will increase. Now playing poker just for the sake of playing poker is a very unwise decision. Being that online poker allows you to look at the average pot you can make a selection of which table you would prefer to sit at without even scouting the table.

Now I know I focus a lot on table selection and looking at the average pot size but that’s because I want to make sure everyone is taking advantage of this feature. A table full of maniacs may be the wrong place for the tight aggressive player. You can wait and wait for a good hand and then boom they hit two pair or something else weird that you didn’t see coming. Maniac’s are also harder to gauge. They play such a variety of hands its harder to understand their betting patterns.


There is absolutely zero reason to sit down at a table simply because you feel the need to play poker. If your table type isn’t available, go play in a sit n go or log off and come back later. Sooner or later a table will open up for you to play at. Then you can rake in your winnings and be happy you didn’t hastily sit down at the wrong table.

The most important thing in being a great poker player is to practice. Play free games online or invite few friends over and host a poker game yourself. Buy custom poker chips at, couple of beers, snacks and make a night out of it.

By Karl